Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

A Flibbertribbet Named Manskaganus



The knots in my stomach indicate a Ball of Confusion unheard of in the modern era except when the temptation is 5 and the bees are full of hive? NO! NOT HIVE! DRIVE! CLIVE! Clive, yes, that man is simply no good, you can’t trust him with your chives? I put a batch of uncooked green onions on your turtle wax truffle farmer and wish you good luck with your endeavors both real and imagined. Place the pyramid upside down in the sand and use the centrifugal force of your hand to create a humman rubber band! HAHAHAHAHAH! DO-nald-in-yo-YORG iz str8 killin it today! HAHAHAHA! I love myself almost as much as I hate everyone else!! However, hate is such a loaded word. Loaded like one of your foolish potatoes of cholesterol forces large and flagrant.

I have serious business to discuss. Something that I have never articulated before. Something that trubbles me to the core like an electric razor left to go to seed in the heart of a GLENN FREY! FUCK YOU GLENN FREY!

FUCK YOU DONG HENHLEY! joe walsh, yr cool.

Never leave an unattended child in the realm of a magic bard. I will indeed sell it into sexual slavery.

MY Granpappy was not a stonemason. I am a lyre. HAHAHAHAHAH!
see what I did there!!! I am as proud of my sharp wit as I am ashamed of my own body (It is too whatever, ya know!). I feed on the wealth of lies that I perpetrate within my own realm of cotton candy cocaine comedies and a cornucopia of condensed milk and mickey d parfaits. REMEMBER
I control time in my own mind using some kind of SUBSTANCE? I love to take a sunstance. Stand in front of the sun. Submit to it’s carnal desires. UGGGGGGHHH, I need to get my DINGLEDORF dunked! It is staring to itch and burn in a manner most troubling. When I place my hand on my face, it means the rats are eating my brain! HAHAHAHAHA!


D. Y.


umm… who was responsible for the official post this last round?

A Flibbertribbet Named Manskaganus

As far as I’m concerned, this is all the post we need. I think it was in fact Donaldino. AND HE HAS DELIVERED!

A Flibbertribbet Named Manskaganus

an excerpt from the upcoming novel donaldinos wake

A Flibbertribbet Named Manskaganus

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