Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

Illem's Diary - Corruption of the Claremutt

Long have I sought to learn the secrets of Heironeous and the powerful clerics within my order. Long have I wondered what powerful communions take place in the antechambers of the great cloister of Claremutt between those mighty of spirit and the god of valor, but lo- where I thought to find a power that would obliterate even the darkest evil, i have found instead only despair and doom.

What my eyes have borne witness to these past… since we’ve fallen into these catacombs, it is enough for me to see my order for the jest it must truly be. The fight against evil creatures is truly futile and meaningless; for evil lurks beneath every surface – lies waiting beneath every crack and crevice, even in the corners of my own mind.

I admit, after looking upon the story of Soresh, laid upon the walls in terrifying relief, I am tempted now in ways I was sure I had steeled myself against long ago. This dungeon makes it all too clear, palpably real; that great powers are within my grasp. That beneath those surfaces, cracks, crevices, and corners, lies more strength than I could ever hope to achieve waiting for this corrupt order to recognize the toilings of a provincial country-cleric.

Still, i must search for the pilgrims entrusted to my care. I fear they may have been dropped into that pit of infernal creatures, to share the fate of other innocents and holy devotees, but there is a chance they yet live. For that I must press on.

Illem Wiggulus

The Catacombs beneath The Claremutt in Vulcarsgrave
Freeman’s Year 609, sometime after the 1st day of Atsuset



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