Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

strange times in the fringe


I am perplexed by the mores of Vulcarsgrave. A simple elven warrior is not equipped to cope with the gnarled nature of such a perilous megalopolis, as Vulcarsgrave. Extol Obad-Hi! For I have the Faterinos to ensure I am not lured too deep into the seedy underbelly of the Fringe and the unsavory characters that inhabit this godforsaken ward. We began our adventures seeking Swazo and killing many humans in the process (highlight of the day). I had a notable kill. I did not learn his name but I do recall his ocular matter staining my boots after his orbits burst into flames. Our BFF from the shit tunnel, Isidro, was got. In an acrid manner, his orbs burned from his skull, slit throat. My simple elven logic leads me to believe his strange feather tattoo may have something to do with it. Scratch got word from Lovne that folk legend, Helliosh is up to no good. Scratch and I seek Helliosh and stumble upon a Isitha, the seeker. This lady has all the answers, which is great, because apparently our fates are entwined. She says the faterinos are dreamy, because she often has visions of our awesome conquests. She was so kind to share her visions of the future, battle royale, Scratch vs Hellios, crossbows, clown suits and jewels. Scary goings on at the tannery, but she did leave us with these words, “Friends come dear, heroes may come from the darkest place”. Lets get ready to rumble. Oh yeah, tryout updates: DY, Thunderhead and Woodbine all took a stab a guild and I am happy to report it was a cage match to the death and the faterinos came out on top. Thunderhead and Woodbine are sharing an apprenticeship, we are making things happening. I am confident in our ability to twist fate and have scratch on the other end of that crossbow and assassinate Helliosh. I am looking forward to quick halfling hash junket with DY, for research purpose only. In order to better understand the mindset of the addict combatants Helliosh has unleashed onto the city. Isitha said it’s good for you. It may help me fit in here in Vulcarsgrave.



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