Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

Thunderhead's Journal Part IV

Day 57 of Deidara, F.Y. 609

There’s evil afoot. It abides where no man can descry. We are finally back in the city, I cannot help but look around and think of how so much has changed in the weeks since Fate put us together. I have reunited with my beloved Cirrus, and there is good in that. We have gained new companions, we seem to have found safe haven after yet another close escape. We are blundering toward an inevitable end. Still, we must take stock of the blessings we have. We have ale, we have food, we have clothes and axes to decimate the enemy. I have Cirrus, and perhaps that is enough. I wonder for how long our good fortune can continue. I fear, as a Bard I once knew said, that our happiness is at the height.

-Thunderhead Gloamingborn
Date unknown



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