Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

Thunderhead's Journal Part VI

I am made to look the fool. Beardless! The shame is almost too great to stand, and yet I know it is for the greater good. I am incensed that my companions do not recognize the sacrifice that I have made for our safety. I am of the opinion that my beardless state contributed to my poor performance during the various tests of military acumen at Sentinel Hall. The shame! And yet, perhaps I am simply not made to be a follower. Yes, there is wisdom, and comfort, in the thought. I shall endeavor to try again tomorrow, but if I should fail once more, I will admit that I am not cut out for a life of cowering servitude, even for such an organization as Sentinel Hall. There is still much work to be done. The Faterinos must be ever vigilant in our quest to bring order to a world of chaos. The talk of red-eyed bandits has awakened our curiosity. We will venture to the Fringe in order to better explore the series of break-ins that have plagued the city. Perhaps these fiends can lead us to the Hellions that we have heard Scratch mention. Sometimes I think that this city is just a step beyond the understanding of a simple dwarf. To find out that Swiftus’ father is in fact a member of the Gem Cutters guild is a step too far! Everything seems to be connecting in ominous ways with overtones of extreme personal danger. Still, we are hearty and we are alive. What else can we ask of life?



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