Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

Thunderhead's Journal Part VII

The thrill of victory!! In spite of my beardless state, I was finally given a task worthy of my ability! A steel cage match! Of course, they never could have suspected that Thunderhead Gloamingborn was trained in the art of the squared circle by the greatest luminaries of the day: Andre the Hill Giant, Ric Flayer, and of course, Hulk Drogon. Sentinel Hall has gained a stout ally this day, and the noble Woodbine too, who acquitted himself with a chivalry hereto unknown in the barbarous types. I am proud to share an apprenticeship with Woodbine. Though he is simple, he has seen much suffering in his short years. I think perhaps Sentinel Hall will give him the discipline and purpose he seeks, though, we will both always be Faterinos first. Starting as a homeless dwarf bent on revenge, I find myself in the company of good friends, military comrades, and the lovely Cirrus, flower of my life. Moradin, if you listen, let us stay at high tide, I am not yet ready to diminish back into the sea.



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