Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

Yorge, Out Of Teh Myst!!!

flatulence, mystery

OK OK OK! I have gone into the phtuture and learned that phrase from Martin Van Buren with MAGICK!!!! OMG! I learned that one from a man called UH, SURE!! I control time and space from the space inside my mind and the time I spend there. Mebbe you have noticed that I (D.Y.) am not entirely PRESENT at all times in combat. EVEN NODDING OFF (DREAMS MOST PRESENT!!!!) THAT is because Misturrr Yorge loves THE MIND. I live there! I love there!!! Erogenous ZONE OF SIZE most notable! I spend many days in my mind enraptured in stories and tales much more pressing than the life and death situations I find myself in AT THAT VERY MOMENT!!! Recently, while fighting those celestial stooges of wood and brick a brack, I was ensconced in an elaborate Tuna Salad Three way with not one but Two cumly lasses three! It was most enjoyabale (the joy most similar to that of an ale!). TUNA SALAD was involved! I am wondering do have a bowl of chowder to spare? A JOKE!!

However, it was always not so. I have secrets to share and share them I MUST!!! I can’t help it, it is so Yorgey to do this thing called sharing! so share I myst? MYST sucks! MUST! MUST! MUST!

OK OK, (THank U MVB!!!) the truth is that I am only as good as my last act of sensual coupling! It has been many meetings since I dipped my wick in the vat of wet and I have become pre-occupied with thoughts of filthy acts and stained drapery! It consumes me! PENETRATION! ARBITRATION! It causes me to lose focus in times of peril. PLZ, get me some activity of combined closeness soon so I can focus on my active duties, Faterinos! This backlog of milk of man-nesia is causing my thoughts to become a non-stop parade of things best left un-articulated. Perhaps as we head to Vulcarsgrave again, I can slick my Surge can down the slip and slide of woman form again soon and engage in battle as a man most present and most TUMESCENT!!!

at the very least, let me squeeze one off in the bushes from time to time!




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