Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

2011-03-15 Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower 02
"you've damaged my servants!"

Day 38 of Deidara, Freeman’s Year 609

Caught in the middle of ransacking Algron Swiftish’s house, the Faterinos, having left Scratchbehind at the Inn and recruited Nabayo K, decided to stand their ground and fight Algron Swiftish and his two flunkies. Though able to dispatch the two flunkies with relative ease, Algron proved a formidable opponent, bringing Thunderhead Gloamingborn close to death. Though badly wounded and cornered, the Faterinos refused to reveal the nature of their mission and narrowly escaped with their lives.

After splitting up, they met back at the Inn (forgot name), but decided to move to a new location lest they be tracked. Traveling to the Beastly District, the Donaldino Yorge bluffed his way passed the innkeeper Bronum Rigsby at The Inn of the Sleepless Lantern, telling him that his party were on a secret mission and that discretion was a must should anyone come looking for them.

2011-02-26 Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower 01

Day 37 of Deidara, Freeman’s Year 609:

Donaldino Yorge the half-elf bard, Thunderhead Gloamingborne the dwarven fighter, and Scratch the elf rogue fought their way out of a dungeon, defeating many dangerous creatures, only to find that their efforts were but the first step in an interview process. After being rejected and denied the chance to carry out a mission for the gemcutter’s guild, the trio exit onto a bustling metropolis. Thunderhead won an amateur boxing match, scratch caught an orphan trying to pick his pocket, only to lose him again, and the group rested up at an inn to recover from their wounds.
After rest, the trio headed to the red light district for some R&R, but when Donaldino refused to pay, Thunderhead and Scratch came to the rescue, leaving some pimps cut in half. The next day, they were approached and met a local businessman Simeon Timbimbler who, upon hearing of their exploits in the Red Light Distric, offered them 200 gp each to kill Algon Swiftish, the head of the pimps. DY, GT, and Scratch searched the streets of old city, found Swiftish’s home, broke in, and pillaged the house. As they split up the loot they’ve found, they hear someone coming through the main doors…h3. Your title here…


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