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The city of Vulcarsgrave is a massive metropolis fraught with dangers and delights; where opulency collides with the occult; and where splendor and squalor are old familiar friends. It’s exact size and dimensions are difficult to fathom as even lifetime residents sometimes lose themselves in the maze of narrow streets and alleyways that weave through the city.

Standing just South of the confluence of the two rivers in The Obsidian Valley, Vulcarsgrave is the Capital of what remains of the Starlight Kingdom. A center for trade, most commerce in the lands North and East of The Obsidian Valley must travel downriver, through Vulcarsgrave, and on toward the Jagged Coast or the lands of Xicheria to the South and East.

Districts of Vulcarsgrave

Vulcarsgrave Districts Industries/Residents Short Description
Old City Wealthy residents, nobles, and municipal services The central district of Vulcarsgrave
Scholars District academia, prostitution, theater and performance home to the Obsidian Academy, the Red Light District, and various artisans and performers guilds.
Merchants District merchants, wholesalers, logistics, a frenzy merchants and swindlers scramble through markets, bazaars, and arcades to cash in on the wealth that moves in and out of the city’s ports
Beastly District Slaughterhouses, Tanneries, Meat Markets, Quarry The dirty work of Vulcarsgrave gets done on the smelly, slimy West side
The Fringe urchins, beggars, dwarves, gnomes, halflings the gutter of Vulcarsgrave


Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower JDarkshadow