Vulcarsgrave drawing small

The city of Vulcarsgrave is a massive metropolis fraught with dangers and delights; where opulency collides with the occult; and where splendor and squalor are old familiar friends. It’s exact size and dimensions are difficult to fathom as even lifetime residents sometimes lose themselves in the maze of narrow streets and alleyways that weave through the city.

Standing just South of the confluence of the Blackstone and Chromite rivers in The Obsidian Valley, Vulcarsgrave is the Capital of what remains of the Starlight Kingdom. A center for trade, most commerce in the lands North and East of The Obsidian Valley must travel downriver, through Vulcarsgrave, and on toward the Jagged Coast or the lands of Xicheria to the South and East.

Current Events

After returning from Lithosius’s Tomb in pursuit of a mysterious trio of possible pillagers, the Faterinos found Vulcarsgrave at the height of the Freeman’s Festival. Despite the drunken reverie, a shadow looms over the city. The recent cross-city rampage of a humongous corpse golemn is the latest and most alarming in a series of disturbing events.

Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

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