Vulcarsgrave and the Obsidian Tower

Heliosh Goes to Hell

It pains my elven ears to have to explain to Thunderhead that he must devour his fiercely dwarven words. It appears he very well may have to open a barber shop right here in the Old City of Vulcarsgrave. I hope that he is not maddened enough that he will allow his fellow Faterinos to receive complimentary cuts. My locks do seem to grow fuller and longer in these summer months of Deidra. But knowing Thunderhead, his shears may cut a little too close to the neck. I did not, however, intend for this to occur. I, like my compatriots, believed Heliosh to be a knavish scamp, hell-bent on destruction for his own anarchic gain. When I followed him into the uneasy Vulcarsgrave night, I intended to put an end to his madcap reign. He deftly traversed the empty back alleys of the Fringe, as I followed him as closely as if I were his his dark shadow. We watched as the Faterinos and the Helions quickly disposed of the garish clown gang. I can only imagine the blood that Nabayo soaked with her rapier and Donaldhino with his rape. Near the end of their assassination campaign, however, Heliosh must have heard my silent steps, for he turned a corner, awaiting my arrival. We immediately began combat. Blow for blow, we were evenly matched. That is, until his dark hell beast emerged from the shadows. The wild monster gnawed my arm and left me pinned to the ground. Damn the coward who uses a beast to do his fighting! In this bruised and bloody state, I was forced to hear the story Heliosh wished to tell after I was forced into revealing my intentions of ending the life of
this swine. He explained that he was not the man I believed him to be. Heliosh was merely a legend that he adopted to embolden the lives of the Fringe dwellers, yet what his true identity may be was not revealed to me. He acquired the hell hound to further develop this myth. But now he believes the Vulcarsgrave City Guard have conspired to move the shipment of flaming brain into the Fringe, devastating these already diseased fools. But why is the question that must be answered. So the plan: Heliosh the myth must end in order to stop the terror being swept across Vulcarsgrave. I, despite my best efforts to not be swayed, finally succumbed to the logic he presented. Therefore, we aligned to fake Heliosh’s death in order to further investigate this conspiracy, rather than continue his original barbaric plan of unleashing the flaming brain within the walls of Vulcarsgrave. Yet where this man’s true allegiances may ultimately lie will yet to be seen. I will keep a watchful eye, and I know the cynical Faterinos will also be mindful of those attempting to cross us. Thunderhead’s axe does not forgive, nor does Donaldhino’s yodeling. I can only say that however illogical it may be, my chaotic spirit yearns to crumble the powers held at the top of Marmyrin Hall. And I can only hope that this plot somehow involves the gem guild, so the Faterinos may finally get our revenge and loot the basilisk shit out of that damn guild. We are Faterinos!




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