A rogue of uncanny wit and acumen


Elf Rogue.

Scratch’s Journal

Heliosh Goes to Hell
[[Into the darkness… | Into the darkness…]]
[[The Failure of Scratch… | The Failure of Scratch…]]
[[Buried Within… | Buried Within…]]


Welcome, intrepid voyager and seeker of rich tales of wonder! You care to learn about that rascally roguish wily trickster elf, Scratch, I see? I, (the beautiful) Garl Glittergold, shall set you on the path to learn his fanciful story! Yet I will remain steadfast to not reveal too much. We wouldn’t want to ruin the mystery, I dare say! As is said, often the fiery gems lying in wait under the molten earth are worth more than all the ruby hordes in the burrow.

Scratch has a most interesting and enigmatic beginning. From the rolling majesty of Kron Hills in the faraway lands of Greyhawk he stems, but not raised from elven clans, you see. No, when Scratch was not but a fledgling with oversized ears, he was found in a gnome encampment wrapped in a gold blanket. He maintained no sign of his origins. All that was marked on him was a scratch on his left arm. Who left him there is neither known nor important. What is known and important is that the kindly Stone Gnomes Pilnock and Mibbi Waywinkle took our good friend Scratch in and raised him as their son. Scratch took to gnome life easy as a young lad, taking up the family trade of cheese making. Yet his passion was the art of illusion, developing into a budding sleight of hand magician.

Yet as time went on, Scratch began to outgrow his gnome brethren in size and stature. He could not fit in the school desks, in his bed at home, through doorways. Although proud of his gnome heritage, his differences and isolation were starting to etch away at his soul.

So soon enough, on the verge of adulthood, Scratch departed, not in a blazing storm of angst mind you, but rather softly into the quiet night. His adventurous spirit pushed him to the edges of the Greyhawk kingdom. He made his way to Free City and soon found work as the entertainment in a house of ill repute – the Cracked Whip Ranch. It was there that he was taken under the tutelage of the half-elf proprietor Valandil Telemnar. Scratch became an adept thief, stealing from the wealthy patrons of the inn, whilst they were, ahem… busy within the bosom of delight. His quick stunts soon evolved into full confidence jobs. Only when one went awry (you will have to ask the devilish rogue himself if you want to know the full tale), was he run out of Free City never to return.

And with that, he departed into the faraway lands to carve out his fate and perhaps find similar kin to which he might share in riches and glory. Until then, Scratch remains a steadfast servant of mine, and to that I take kindly.


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