Thunderhead Gloamingborn

A Dwarven fighter thirsty for vengeance


Moradin Soul-Forger gave the world Thunderhead Gloamingborn. The world gave nothing back to Thunderhead. Believed to be the last of the Gloamingborn clan, Thunderhead knows that the halcyon, sunlit days have gone down, but that he cannot allow the darkness to overwhelm him once and for all. He is trapped in the perpetual gloaming, yearning for light, resolved against inevitable darkness. How could it be any other way? After seeing his clan slaughtered at the hands of the evil wizard Sireolous Nern and the corrupt Council of Rekl, his ancestral halls usurped by a horde of scavenging goblins and other accursed creatures, and the proud name of Gloamingborn lost to the wash of time, Thunderhead has dedicated his life to revenge.

One by one, Thunderhead hunted down each member of the Council, taking the heads of each, before finally facing the vile Nern himself. Thunderhead was stricken down, and as the final blow was to be delivered, Moradin himself appeared to Thunderhead and let fall his divine hammer onto Gloamingborn’s soul, giving Thunderhead the strength to strike down Nern. At least, this incarnation of Nern…. With Nern defeated, Thunderhead pursues his life’s purpose: to reclaim the hallowed hall of the Gloamingborn from the creatures who inhabit it and to restore his clan to honor.

Thunderhead is as his namesake: lowering, ready to explode out of the horizon in a torrent of blood and oaths and Dwarven steel. As such, Thunderhead can be reckless, even foolhardy, in his pursuit of evil. It is not unheard of for Thunderhead to be misled into battle by the sweetened words of others; however, few are they who have survived such dissembling. Thunderhead is quick to anger. He does not like to be surprised. As such, Thunderhead is hasty to strike the first blow if he feels it justified. Though he is reckless, Thunderhead has a warrior’s shrewd understanding of the world. Many a learned scholar has underestimated Thunderhead’s intelligence, and many have been the corpses left in Thunderhead’s wake. Thunderhead avidly worships Moradin after his experience with theophany. Thunderhead believes in the power of his dreams, and above all things, follows the visions of Moradin to whatever end they may lead.

Lo, fear the name of Thunderhead, the Revenger, for the next name on his chopping block may be one quite dear to you: your own.

Swagger: While Thunderhead does display the most common qualities of his race, his manner of speech and unusual degree of strategic thought are atypical for the race. During his time wandering alone, Thunderhead has learned that forthright action is usually preferable. His personal motto is “Do your best, and the best shall come to you.”

Personal Appearance: Thunderhead is typical in appearance for a dwarf, though some of said that he has the look of one who has traveled through foreign lands. His once proud beard was shaved off, though it is quickly growing back. Thunderhead prefers armor, the heavier the better, and has recently acquired Gloves of True Strike that warn any passing foe that this is one warrior who will not be easily dispatched to the halls of Moradin.

Preferred Approach to Situation: Measured heroics. Thunderhead tries to plot out the strategy that will give him the best chance at victory; however, if a friend is in danger he will charge recklessly into battle if necessary.

Thunderhead Gloamingborn

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